1L Bradite Stain Block & Finish - Black

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Bradite One Can is a single pack, quick drying, low odour, water thinned primer/finish coat, with excellent adhesion, stain blocking and anti-corrosive properties. It can be tinted to most BS and RAL colours.

Bradite ONE CAN is for use as a quick drying adhesion promoting, stain blocking and anti-corrosive coating on ferrous metals, non ferrous metals, common plastics (e.g. melamine and uPVC), ceramic tiles, glass, wood and existing painted surfaces.

All surfaces must be dry and dust free before coating. Application should always conform with the codes of practice described in BS 6150 and BS 5493.

Aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised steel, copper and other metals: Cleaned and degreased, and lightly abraded if possible. White salts on weathered galvanising must be removed during cleaning and degreasing. Light surface rusting can be treated with Bradite Rust Converter RC46. Heavy rusting to be removed to clean metallic finish (SIS-St 3).

New Wood: Ensure moisture content of the timber is below 15% before commencing application. Damp wood should never be painted as this may give rise to blistering, flaking, cracking and premature coating failure.

Green Oak: Should not be painted unless it has been weathered for at least 6 months.

Existing paint finish: Remove all loose and flaking paintwork. Degrease using Bradite TD39 Industrial Degreaser, followed by clean water rinse. Rub down thoroughly with a medium grade sand paper to provide a key and a defect free smooth surface, “feathering in” areas where paint has been removed.

Plastics: For long term performance, clean & lightly sand down surfaces. 

New plaster walls: For plaster skim, allow at least four weeks for the plaster to thoroughly dry. Apply a primer coat by thinning the paint with a 5 to 25% (v/v) addition of clean water, depending upon the porosity of the substrate. Cut in by brushing at the same dilution recommendation as for priming, to promote flow and sealing of the substrate.

For new, fully plastered walls, allow at least six months for the plaster to thoroughly dry before painting.

This product is not recommended for painting lime or other natural plasters.