Amtech Junior Mini Hacksaw 6in

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Amtech Junior Mini Hacksaw 6in
Amtech Junior Mini Hacksaw 6in
The Amtech Junior Mini Hacksaw is used for cutting through metal pipes or plastic tubing. Designed with a smaller blade, the Mini Hacksaw achieves a more precise cutting for applications that require a neater finish. The advantage of a smaller size hacksaw allows you to work in more confined spaces where its less efficient to use a large saw because your movement is restricted. An unknown benefit is that a smaller diameter bade means less runout, so you are left with a much smoother cut, that makes it easier to saw. The junior Mini Hacksaw generates more torque! So, you can gain more leverage you as you cut through dense material. The Junior Mini Hacksaw produces far less wasted wood, so you are left with a less arduous cleaning task after finishing sawing. .
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Brand Am-Tech
Length 150mm