7 Top Tips for Creating a Cosy Home Office

7 Top Tips for Creating a Cosy Home Office

Create a cosy home office on a budget

With many people facing more time working at home, Leyland SDM has these seven top tips for creating a cosy office that will help you get through the nine to five monotony – without breaking the bank.

1. Choose the right space

In the likely event you don’t have an unused room you can transform, you will need to get creative to find a suitable workspace. Is there space under the stairs you could utilise? Have you got an alcove in your lounge, or perhaps the attic or an outbuilding could provide an answer?

Having a designated study area in the kitchen is trendy at the moment. Could a pull-out desk be concealed under one of the work surfaces?

Experts say having your desk in your bedroom is not ideal as that room should be reserved as a place of rest. Look for other options if possible.

 2. Go easy on the colours

Your search for home office inspiration may well have started on Pinterest. A word of caution: those brightly coloured rooms may look great, but remember you may well have to work in there for 40-plus hours a week. Neutral colours like whites, greys and browns are likely to create a more calming atmosphere and increase concentration, while a splash of green can increase creativity. Remember, cosy is great, but you don’t want the room to be so cosy you’re nodding off.

Taking it easy with the colours is particularly important if you have a small area to work with.

3. Embrace natural light

It’s a common mistake to put the desk in a dark corner of the room. If at all possible, try to position your workspace parallel to windows.

It’s scientifically proven that natural light can improve your physical and mental health, as well as improving productivity. A quick glance out of the window every few minutes or so will help with inspiration and mood.

Try to include mirrors and glossy surfaces in your office as this will bounce the natural light around the room.

Remember, however, you will need some lamps in place for the darker hours of the day.

4. Think about ergonomics

This goes back to choosing substance over style. Yes, those upholstered chairs look great and will be comfortable…for the first two hours. You will probably need to spend a good amount of money on a proper office chair which supports the back – and remember your forearms should be parallel to the floor when using the keyboard.

5. Get clever with storage

The amount of storage you need will depend on what job you have. If you have a job which still requires lots of paper, you’ll need to find solutions to organise this properly.

Filing cabinets serve a purpose but, let’s be honest, they look terrible. Think instead about shelving, bookcases, wire racks or even giant cork boards on the wall above your computer. These will have the added advantage of looking stylish in the background of your endless Zoom calls.

6. Find a comfy space

Your desk is probably where you’ll spend most of the time and where the magic happens but, if at all possible, incorporate a little space for breaks and contemplation. This could be a comfy chair where you can curl up and read, chat on the phone, or just think. Position the chair facing away from the desk so that you have a slightly different view for at least part of the day.

7. Add a bit of personality

We said to use neutral and calming colours and we’re sticking to that – but don’t be afraid to add a bit of personality to the space. A few framed pieces of artwork can be good for inspiration, or green plants are proven to make people happier. A colourful rug or a stylish lightshade might bring a bit of joy.

Have photos of loved ones close by if that brings a smile to your day, but try to rotate the images so they don’t just become part of the backdrop.

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