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Join the sustainable decorating movement with Eco-Union at Leyland SDM

Most people are trying to adopt a more eco-friendly approach, whether that is eating less meat or upping their recycling game. But perhaps not everyone realises it’s possible to be kinder to the planet while decorating.

We are proud to stock Eco-Union’s award-winning decorating products in all of our 32 stores across London, giving our customers the chance to say goodbye to plastic roller trays and polyester paint brushes. Eco-Union specialises in sustainable decorating tools that don't cost the Earth.

Perhaps the most innovative product in the range is the plant-based ecotray. Made from 100% recycled waste materials, the trays can be reused over and over again simply by wiping out excess paint and leaving to dry. Then, when it is finally time to replace, they can be discarded with a clear conscious safe in the knowledge they will decompose, unlike their plastic alternative.

Eco-Union’s paint brushes, meanwhile, are handmade in Britain with bamboo handles and recycled metal. The company believes in making a brush that lasts a lifetime - and the love and care put into each brush is clear to see.

It doesn't end there. Eco-Union also manufactures rollers with sustainable bamboo handles and recycled plastic, biodegradable dust sheets, recyclable painter's tape and bamboo paint kettles. amboo is at the heart of many Eco-Union products, and there’s a simple reason for that: it’s a grass rather than a wood. That means that you don’t chop it down and kill it as you would a tree. Instead, you prune it and it grows back…fast. Up to 2ft a day in fact! And, being a grass, it will biodegrade over time once it is thrown away. It’s not all style over substance though. Far from it. As many eco-conscious customers will testify, these are all excellent products in their own right.

So, why not make a belated New Year’s resolution to be a little greener while redecorating?

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