Need to seal the deal? Here’s our guide to sealants and adhesives

Need to seal the deal? Here’s our guide to sealants and adhesives

Ever walked into a DIY or hardware store and felt a bit overwhelmed by the number of different sealants and adhesives on offer?

Here we take a snapshot look at how they differ and offer the low-down on some of the high-performing sealants and adhesives we have available at Leyland SDM

Let’s go back to basics. Sealants are used to form a barrier to prevent fluids passing through joints and gaps. They also stop air, sound, dust and insects from getting into openings. They close the gaps which are too small for other materials, such as concrete, to be used.

Sealants tend to have less strength and more flexibility than traditional adhesives, though some are capable of bonding as well as filling.

Adhesives, as you’d imagine, are used to bond two materials together.

Most sealants and adhesives are applied using a caulk gun. The nozzle should be cut larger than the gap being filled and the product applied by applying constant pressure at a 45 degree angle. A tool or a damp finger can then be used to provide a smooth finish.

Silicone sealants are generally used in bathrooms and other wet areas as they have waterproof, anti-mould and anti-mildew properties.

Here’s some of the most popular options across our 32 stores.



CT1 Unique Sealant & Construction Adhesive is dubbed “the ultimate development in bonding and sealing”, making a host of jobs possible with just one tube.

This ground-breaking sealant can be applied to a multitude of surfaces, including metal, stone, most plastics, glass and wood.

But it offers much more than that. It can also be used on wet surfaces, is flexible and can even be applied under water. Furthermore, it's odourless, can be painted, resists fungal growth and does not shrink.

All of this means CT1 can be used for a huge variety of jobs, including as an alternative to traditional bathroom silicone or as an adhesive where a flexible bond is required.

It’s perfectly safe to use in areas where food preparation and processing is taking place.

In short, CT1 is the definitive solution for interior and exterior bonding and sealing.


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For bathrooms, ceramics, damp rooms and swimming pools, look no further than MAPESIL AC.

Perfect for internal and external use, MAPESIL AC is a high quality, one part, acetic based silicone sealant which creates strong elastic seals against air, dust, heat and noise in joints and cracks subject to movement.

It includes high levels of biocide which makes it far more effective at preventing mould than traditional mould-resistant silicones.

MAPESIL AC comes in a range of 36 colours, as well as transparent, to match all ceramic and bathroom fittings. Matching grout is also available.

Unlike competitors, there is no volumetric shrinkage and the quality of this solvent free product means the overall life and appearance of the seal is extended considerably.


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Dowsil 785

Dowsil 785 Sanitary Acetoxy Silicone is a one-part, silicone sealant specifically designed for the sealing of sanitary fittings, including baths, showers, sinks, urinals and ceramic tile joints.

This leading product contains a fungicide to resist mould growth and protects against bacteria growth, MRSA, E. Coli and Salmonella.

It’s fast drying (tack free in just one hour) and has excellent adhesion to non-porous surfaces including glass, aluminium, painted surfaces and composite boards.

Dowsil 785 is resistant to aging, shrinkage, cracking and discolouration.


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Evo-Stik Gripfill Grab Adhesive Green

Evo-Stik Gripfill Grab Adhesive Green is widely recognised by professional builders as the ultimate solution in high performance bonding.

It’s a superior strength and fast bonding grab adhesive which can be used on almost any material, for interior and exterior use.

Whether it’s wood, plasterboard, tiles, stone, metal, breeze blocks, bricks, ceramic, concrete or UPVC, Evo-Stik is a firm favourite. And, thanks to its gap filling qualities, it can even be used on uneven surfaces.

For best results, apply a 6mm diameter zig-zag bead along the length of the surface to be bonded.


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Our knowledgeable store assistants will be happy to help with any sealant enquiries. Find your nearest store today.

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