Bosch HSS Bimetal Holesaw 44mm

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Bosch HSS Bimetal Holesaw 44mm
Bosch HSS Bimetal Holesaw 44mm
The Bimetal Holesaw has been designed with heat treated carbon steel increases the lifespan of this Bimetal Holesaw. The Bimetal boasts steel teeth that gives you a fast and clean cut, making your task easier to complete when your exerting pressure on the drill. Compatible with most drills produced by other manufactures. Specially designed teeth that ensure a clean and precious cutting that is optimised for removing material faster. Enhances cutting but reduces heat build-up and vibration so you don’t have a reduction of strength of the workpiece material.
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Brand Bosch
Diameter 44mm
8% cobolt alloy for increased durability, vario tooth for a quick and accurate cut, high resistance to heat and wear for long lifespan. Size: 44mm