Carriage Bolts M12x150mm Pack of 5

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Carriage Bolts M12x150mm Pack of 5
Carriage Bolts M12x150mm Pack of 5
Knob and Pull Neck Carriage Bolt are zinc-plated steel construction. Zinc-Plated Truss Head Combo Drive Cabinet and Knob Screws will provide durability and corrosion resistance. Attach knobs or pulls to cabinet doors or drawer faces. No need to run to the local Hardware or Big Box Store to look for someone to help you. It can also be hidden during actual use to prevent disassembly. The carriage bolt is designed with a round head, a square neck, and a 304 stainless steel material. It is used in the groove. The square neck is conveniently caught in the groove during the installation process, and can prevent the bolt from rotating during installation; Due to the head of the carriage bolt, there is no groove type that can be used with a power assisting tool such as a cross recess or a hex socket. Precision-forged, acid, and alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and resistant to oxidation. The thread is smooth and flat, the squat is evenly stressed, and the screw teeth are stronger. Used widely in the home and office appliances, communication equipment, ship assembly, and other machinery industry.
More Information
Brand Forgefix
Material Zinc Plated
Pack Quantity Pack of 5
Length 150mm
Diameter M12