Dust Sheets & Carpet Protection

When it comes to do-it-yourself (DIY) decorating, protecting your furniture and flooring is crucial. The fear of spoiling furniture or flooring with paint and other decorating chemicals and the like, sometimes puts people off from decorating at all!

But fear not, here at Leyland SDM we have an awesome range of dust sheets and carpet protectors to ensure that you keep your home safe and sound whilst going wild on your next DIY project!

But before you leave, check out our quick dust sheet guide below, so you know which dust sheet is right for you.

Types of Dust Sheets 

Decorators and homeowners have been utilising old clothes and old pieces of fabric to cover objects for decorating, for time memorial.  But, today, there are specialised sheets created to help protect furniture, equipment and other appliances from dust. 

Check out our awesome range for your perfect dust sheet.

Polythene dust sheets - These dust sheets are also called plastic dust sheets. They are great for protecting surfaces from paint and may be reused with a simple shake or wipe off.  

Cotton dust sheets - These are generally relatively thick, which provides better dust protection. However, they are rarely waterproof. They are frequently more expensive, and sometimes known as heavy duty dust sheets. When it comes to storage, they are slightly thicker than their polythene counterparts, despite the fact that they can be quickly folded or rolled up. They are, however, more suited for re-use because they can be washed repeatedly.

Dust Sheets: How to Use Them

  1. Dust sheets can be used for a variety of purposes. In most circumstances, they may be used to cover floors, door frames, and doors, as well as furniture. Here are a few pointers to help you make the least amount of mess possible.
  2. When covering floors, use something like masking tape to secure the dust sheet along the borders. This not only keeps the dust sheet in place so you can walk on it, but it also keeps dust and other debris out from below it.
  3. When covering furniture, tack the dust sheet in place once again, and if more than one dust sheet is needed for a big piece of furniture, overlap the dust sheets to prevent decoration filth from getting in.
  4. When you're done with a dust sheet, whether it's made of fabric or polythene, carefully untape it and fold it towards the centre. Then, before unravelling, take up the corners and carry them outdoors. This will ensure that any material gathered by the duct sheet ends up outdoors rather than on your floors. This process can be adopted with carpet Protection sheets. 

Every apartment needs a lightweight dust sheet and floor protection sheet especially for rooms that store equipment not used regularly. Tools stored in your garage or another part of the house can be protected from rust through the use of dust sheets. 

So check out our awesome range of dust sheets and carpet protectors below!

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