Masking Tape & Adhesive Tape

Masking tapes and adhesive tapes are absolute essentials for any home DIY or professional decorating job. To achieve that high-quality paint finish we are all after, it is usually necessary to mask some areas to prevent paint from splattering or dripping onto the areas we want to keep paint free!

Check out our quick lowdown on Masking Tapes and Adhesive Tapes to choose the right one for your next job! 

Masking Tape 

Painter's masking tape is a type of tape explicitly designed to aid painters in the application of paint. The tape helps prevent the paint from being applied to the areas we want to keep paint free. Another great thing about masking tapes is they are easily removed without chipping off paint.

Some masking tapes are explicitly designed for use with heavy viscosity paints like lacquer and polyurethane painted walls. Other adhesive tapes are designed for other painting applications, with different adhesives depending on the surface that requires painting.

Adhesive Tapes 

Adhesive tapes generally come in two types.

Acrylic Adhesive Tape

Acrylic is colourless and resistant to oxidation and UV radiation. Because of its resistance to oxidation, acrylic adhesive tape can provide UV protection. It is, however, more expensive than other tapes.

Silicone-based adhesives

These tapes have a long-life expectancy. Silicone adhesive tapes are resistant to extremely high temperatures. Silicones tapes work well with different types of surfaces. However, they can cost almost twice as much as the more traditional acrylic tapes.

Adhesive Pads

Here at Leyland SDM we also sell high-quality adhesive pads to protect your floors when moving around furniture, especially pieces of furniture that require a lot of moving around such as dining chairs and tables.

Adhesive pads like adhesive tapes can be used to serve as a barrier between the furniture feet and the floor.

Adhesive Pads – These pads are fixed to the bottom of furniture legs to prevent scratches and dents. They are most commonly made of foam, plastic felt or rubber so that your chair glides across your wood floor instead of scratching it. Most adhesive pads usually have a sticker on one side of the pad.

Velcro Adhesive Pads – Velcro pads have existed from as far back as 1958, these wonder pads have consistently served at home and offices to hold two items or sides together without leaving a sticky residue like a cello-tape does. 

Here at Leylands SDM, we have a wide array of top quality masking tapes & adhesive tapes and we are confident that you will find the ideal tape and pad for the job you have in hand today!

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