Dowel Pins 6x30mm Pack of 50

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Dowel Pins 6x30mm Pack of 50
Dowel Pins 6x30mm Pack of 50 Dowel Pins 6x30mm Pack of 50
Wooden dowel pins were made by carpenters in the early days and maybe one of the earliest fasteners. Modern round wood pins are integrated into the mechanical manufacturing process, with uniform appearance and high dimensional accuracy. Used with other wood-based adhesives, the strength and durability are as good as metal dowel pins. Wood Kiln Dries are generally machined or rolled on the outer circle, with grooves or patterns distributed. It is mainly to reduce the contact area inserted into the fixing hole, and the insertion force is small. At the same time, fixing glue can be applied to the outer surface of the pin. These grooves or patterns can retain the adhesive and make the fixing tighter. You can also tap into the positioning pin with a hammer lightly. Wooden dowel pins are generally made of hardwood, such as oak, birch, pearwood, etc. They are commonly used in wooden installations, home furnishings, gardening, handicrafts, etc.
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Colour Wood
Material Composite
Size 6x30mm
Pack Quantity Pack of 50