Everbuild Exact Gap Expanding Foam 750ml

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You must be 18 years old or over to buy this product. This product is only available to purchase in store. A flexible, low expansion foam that is designed for filling gap and insulating in areas where it is important to minimise the stress on the item being installed. This moisture curing, polyurethane foam is flexible maintaining the airtight seal even with the natural expansion and contraction of the building materials. Everbuild exact gap foam is ideal for use filling; gaps around pipe entries through walls, gaps around window and door frames, electrical wire chasing prior to plastering, deep joints prior to applying sealant or plaster and gaps and cracks in walls and floorboards. It is also useful for insulating behind cladding on exterior walls and behind soffit and barge boards.
More Information
Brand Everbuild
Volume 750ml
This product can be cut, sawn or plastered over in 2 hours. Tack free time: 4-8 minutes Cutting time : 9-12 minutes (20mm bead) Full load bearing stability is approximatly 12 hours with a 20mm bead. Tensile Strength 7-10N/cm2