Draught Excluder Bottom Door Brush Aluminium 914mm

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Draught Excluder Bottom Door Brush Aluminium 914mm
Draught Excluder Bottom Door Brush Aluminium 914mm
Our twin door draft stopper is super easy to assemble universally to most doors without adhesion required. Measure the size of your door and cut the length down to fit the door or window. Easy for washing. Try this more attractive, long-term solution for blocking the gap under the door. This draft door seal is used to control the temperature inside the room so as to keep the room cooler or warmer, helping to keep your energy bills down. Moving with your door smoothly without problem when open and closed. Our door blocker adopted premium vinyl material that is soft. Easy to clean. Give it to your friends and family as a gift to be used in every season. This practical, tough, economical draft guard really does. the job in helping with cold winter drafts and old doors and windows. Now arrange this to your front door, back door, garage entry door, window to help ease drafts and seal in hot or cold air.
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Brand Exitex
Colour Aluminium
Length 914mm