Hopkinson House mural created to inspire wellbeing…

”Creating a mural to inspire wellbeing and encourage inclusion at Hopkinson House, a homeless service in Westminster”

The Hopkinson House Hostel is a complex needs homeless service designed to work with some of the most challenging individuals in London. Creating inviting environments around the homeless complex, Cherilyn Yeates, a London based visual artist part of the ’Making Space’ initiative aims to make space for art in environments that can influence positive emotions.

Their recent project was the creation of a mural at the Hopkinson House Hostel which is located close to our Leyland SDM Victoria store, commissioned to create a welcoming environment in the garden, encourage inclusion and promote general well being as part of the emotional recovery of the clients dealing with mental health.

At Leyland SDM, we were more than happy to select Cherilyn and the ’Making Space’ initiative as the recipient of the £500 worth of store credit for the month for August as we felt their project to be uplifting and truly inspiring.

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Cherilyn said, ‘’The support from Leyland SDM as part of their #LeylandSDMinthecommunity initiative was invaluable to our project, ‘Making Space’. They supported us in creating the first installation of the project, a mural in a Homeless hostel. On our tight budget this meant we had to complete creative freedom as we were not bogged down with worrying about cost. We were able to use the highest materials which meant we were able to step up the game in terms of our design. The team at Leyland SDM Victoria were a joy, knowledgeable and went out of their way to be helpful. We could not have achieved the quality of work we did without Leyland SDM’s help, so thank you!’’

As always, we are keen to support the communities we serve so if you are working on an upcoming project that would benefit from £500 worth of decorating and DIY supplies, then we would love to hear from you!

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Please contact [email protected]to register your interest. #LeylandSDMinTheCommunity #Givesomethingback