Cold Chisel No Guard 8in x 3/4in

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Cold Chisel No Guard 8in x 3/4in
Cold Chisel No Guard 8in x 3/4in
Our carefully controlled process creates a strong, hardened cutting edge while maintaining the striking end temper, allowing it to absorb hammer blows without chipping. Rough ground after forging, the blade is sharpened a second time after heat treatment, producing a sharp, high-performance cutting edge. The Super-Duty Cold Chisel is Made from S2 steel and specially heat-treated for greater strength and durability. Hand-ground cutting edge to the exact angle for cutting through tough metals. 20-Percent larger striking surface than standard chisels directs the power to the cutting edge. Cuts bolts, rods, and rivets, cleans debris and slag and shapes cast iron, steel, brass, bronze, copper, and aluminum. Forged and machined from high-quality high carbon steel. Rough ground after forming, a second sharpening after heat treatment produces a high-performance cutting edge.
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Brand Ox
Length 8in
Width 4in