Flat Wall Masonry Brush 4in

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Flat Wall Masonry Brush 4in
Flat Wall Masonry Brush 4in
Masonry Brush is Suitable for use on smooth or rough surfaces, the Faithfull masonry brush can be used with all types of masonry paint. The brush is characterized by its long length, hard-wearing synthetic and natural bristle mix, and a yellow easy-clean plastic handle. Generously coat textured surfaces quickly and easily. This paintbrush combines long filaments and a thick dense brush head for improved paint pick-up and release. The Paint Brush at the ends provides greater precision, perfect for trim, walls, cabinets, and more. A thick synthetic filament blend holds more paint for saving time and fewer streaks in the finish. Durable solid wood handles are designed for comfort and control, allowing for exceptional results. These high-quality flat paintbrushes are long-lasting and durably made to be washed and reused. Extra bristle for maximum paint holding Stainless steel ferrule Ideal for water and resin based masonry paints
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Brand Seagull
Colour Yellow
Width 4in
Use Masonry