Sika SikaBond PVA Adhesive Sealer 5L

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Sika SikaBond PVA Adhesive Sealer 5L
Sika SikaBond PVA Adhesive Sealer 5L Sika SikaBond PVA Adhesive Sealer 5L

Sika PVA+ Adhesive is commonly diluted and used as a sealer / primer before the application of screeds and plasters it is also used as a mortar admixture and as an adhesive between common building materials (provided one surface is porous).

Sika SikaBond PVA+ is a medium viscosity, polyvinyl alcohol stabilized, externally plasticised, vinyl acetate homopolymer that Contains NO harmful phthalates. SikaBond PVA + can be used as a general purpose economic adhesive (for wood/cork/paper/textiles etc), sealer and mortar improver as well as for a wide range of building jobs. SikaBond PVA+ can also be mixed with shavings or plaster and be used as an internal filler. SikaBond PVA+ will also reduce surface dusting.

More Information
Brand SIKA
Volume 5L

Key Features

  • Use as a primer, admixture, bonding agent, sealer and dustproofer
  • Interior
  • Solvent-free formula
  • Will not re-emulsify when wet, unlike normal PVA
  • Application: Brush, Roller and Spreader
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 5L
  • Clean up: Water