Spearhead Metal File Triangular 200mm

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Spearhead Metal File Triangular 200mm
Spearhead Metal File Triangular 200mm

Spearhead Traingle Metal File 200mm is created from high carbon heat treated and tempered steel. The Traingle Metal Fiel has an improved ergonomic rubber handle, built for comfort and grip, great for long uses. The improved profile of the metal file is designed for increased performace and strength, making it a perfect addition to the tool box.

Spearhead's Triangle Metal File has three tapering sides, used to file the surfaces of acute internal angles. These Metal Files can also be used to sharpen saw blades and has three sides, two of which are wide and taper to a point, like a knife.

More Information
Brand Spearhead
Material Metal
Length 200mm
Type Triangular
  • Brand: Spearhead
  • Type: Triangle Metal File
  • Quality Performance and heavy duty
  • Rubber handle for improved grip
  • Material: High Carbon Tempered Steel
  • Size: 200mm