Repainting the exterior of Coram’s fields Nursery

Supporting Coram’s fields children’s playground in repainting the exterior of their Community Nursery…

Established in 1936, Coram’s Fields is a children and young people’s charity providing a safe haven for play in Central London. As London’s first public playground, they have played an integral role in providing a range of facilities and programmes for children, young people and their families to have a safe space in the busy City Centre of London.

Their most recent project was repainting the exterior of their nursery building (opened in 1987), set in the main grounds of the park that provides parents with one of the most unique childcare offers in London. The nursery has its own designated outdoor play space that is used on a daily basis. The children also have supervised access to the outdoor play and sports facilities in the park, which include extensive grassed areas, fixed play equipment and the wildlife garden.

Leyland SDM were more than happy to select Coram’s Fields as Septembers recipient of £500 worth of store credit. We understand the importance of having adequate facilities for children to enjoy the outdoor environment, especially in the heart of London where such playgrounds are scarce!

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Using their expert knowledge, the staff members at Leyland SDM Farringdon were happy to advise on which paint would give a fresh finish, but more importantly, long-lasting and durable protection in all seasons to the nursery’s exterior. As the store is located near Coram’s Fields, all the team members there were enthusiastic about visiting the Nursery and helping a charity that positively impacts children’s ability to play outdoors safely in the heart of London.

Coram’s Fields said, ‘The Leyland SDM community initiative gave us £500 worth of store credit, which allowed us to buy the paint and materials needed to give the length of the outside of our nursery a completely fresh look. The families and children using our nursery are loving that the building is looking all spurced up. Thank you!’ – Carole Perry, Head of Early Years, Coram’s Field

As always, we are keen to support the communities we serve so if you are working on an upcoming project that would benefit from £500 worth of decorating and DIY supplies, then we would love to hear from you!

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