Top 10 tools for the perfect toolbox…

Everything you need to know for that perfect tool box…

Laying a carpet? Putting up a shelf? Fitting a new kitchen? Not without the right tools, you aren’t.

From the smallest DIY endeavours to something a bit more ambitious, there’s nothing as important as having the correct equipment for the job. That’s where we can help.

As a trusted retailer of some of the biggest and best-known DIY brands, Leyland SDM offer a comprehensive range of over 22,000 products across all departments of decorating and DIY. It’s because of this expertise that we can confidently claim to know a fair bit about the best (and the rest) of tool box building.

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 must-have tools your really shouldn’t do without.

1. Hammer

Ask a hundred people about the tools you need in a perfect toolbox and 99% will mention a hammer (there’s always that one guy).

For the majority of DIY tasks, a standard claw hammer will get the job done. However, make sure you get one that has a textured, soft-grip and a shock-absorbent handle – you’ll notice the difference instantly. We recommend a Stanley or another high-quality brand.

2. Tape Measure

Ever tried to measure a wardrobe with your hands?

Often overlooked, a metal tape measure is an absolute must-have in your toolbox. Get one that has a blade lock and a decent-sized hook so it can be used unassisted. It’ll be useful around the home even if you don’t do much DIY.

3. Torch

A torch is a toolbox essential. As well as being handy in a power cut, there’s a good chance you’ll have to work in a dark spot at some point. Whether it’s up in the loft or down behind the washing machine, don’t get caught in the dark.

You might also want to consider, a LED head torch so you can work with both hands free. Or maybe you need something more substantial? Ask in store about all of Leyland SDM’s lighting solutions.

4. Utility Knife

As strong and sharp as they are useful – when it comes to building your perfect toolbox utility knives should always make the cut.

Known widely as Stanley knives due to the popularity of the original brand, utility knives come in various shapes and sizes. Whatever you choose for your toolbox, make sure you get a high-quality knife – ideally with replacement blades and a solid grip – so that it really goes the distance. We prefer a folding knife but the retractable blades are just as effective.

5. Screwdrivers

You can’t have a perfect toolbox without a proper set of turn-screws. That includes your Phillips, flat head and Allen wrench (hex key) drivers, in a variety of sizes.

Top tip: If you’re finding storage an issue, you can get a screwdriver that has interchangeable heads. Ask our in-store experts about the full range of screwdrivers on offer and which will be best suited to your needs.

6. Spirit Level

Every toolbox needs a level. Well, unless you don’t mind crooked pictures on the wall.

A small spirit level will be enough to keep your horizontal’s level and your vertical’s plumb in most DIY jobs, though Leyland SDM does stock larger levels, popular with tradesmen, that are suited to bigger projects.

7. Drill

Drills can make light work of DIY duties and, in most cases, a 12-volt cordless drill will do the job. However, you may want to get an 18-volt drill if your projects are more heavy duty.

If you aren’t drilling very often then you can usually get by with a corded drill. If you’re a frequent DIYer or need to use your drill as part of your day job, having both corded and cordless drills will serve you well. Some brands to consider include Bosch and DeWALT.

8. Wrenches

A full set of combination wrenches (so-named because one end is open and one end is closed) is the perfect solution, ensuring that you’re equipped to tackle any nuts, bolts and other fasteners that you may encounter.

As a space saver, adjustable wrenches are great too. However, having a single adjustable wrench might throw a spanner in the works when facing different tasks on different scales. That’s why our perfect toolbox covers all bases with a set of three adjustable wrenches in different sizes, ranging from heavyweight to delicate.

9. Saw

Try as you may, the average power saw isn’t likely to fit in the average toolbox, but having a small hand saw will at least give you some cutting capability. There is a fantastic range of hacksaws and jab saws available in our stores – swing by your local Leyland SDM to see for yourself.

Top tip: Pick up a set of replacement blades while you’re in the shop – they don’t take up much space in your toolbox and you’ll kick yourself if you don’t have them when you need them most!

Honourable mentions

Before we finish our list of Top 10 tools for the perfect toolbox we need to mention a few others that aren’t on the list. From vice grips to wire brushes, cable ties to chisels, duct tape to pliers… the list goes on and on.

Building your own toolbox can feel like a never-ending task – especially with over 22,000 products waiting for you on our shelves – but in essence it’s about starting with the basics and working out what you need. And don’t worry if you’re caught without that vital piece of kit – there’s a Leyland SDM just around the corner.

10. Safety Gear

Last and certainly not least – personal protection and safety equipment.

We can’t stress enough the importance of being safe while working. As such, every toolbox should have these three safety items:

Safety glasses. Nobody wants to get dust or dirt in their eyes, especially when wielding tools. Use safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes. Plain and simple.

Dust masks. Depending on the job you’re doing, you should have either a simple dust mask or a full respirator to protect your lungs. The former is inexpensive and easily stored, so there’s no reason not to keep one in your toolbox.

Ear defenders. Working in noisy environments or operating loud machinery can damage your hearing. Pick up some ear plugs to protect your ears, or go all out with full ear defenders. Either way, it’ll make with power tools more enjoyable and safer!

Best of luck in building your own perfect toolbox! And don’t forget that you can always ask one of our team members for help – they’ll happily assist you with all your DIY related questions.