Trade and retail paint, what’s the difference?

We’re often asked about the differences between trade and retail paint, here we discuss some of the key points…

At Leyland SDM, our aim is to make DIY and decorating products used by the professional trades more accessible and available to all. A key element of this is Trade quality paint, the first choice for all professional decorators.

Here we’ll outline some of the the key differences between Trade and Retail paints to help you make an informed decision about your paint choice the next time you want to freshen up the home.

Here are some other key differences to consider:

• Trade paints cover better even after thinning – this can save time, money and avoid extra coats

• Trade paints have a higher spreading rate than retail – this means you get more for your money

• Larger pack-sizes (10L/15L etc.) are more economical than smaller ones

• Trade paints are consistently tested to make sure that they reach the high standards of
professional users and their customers

• Trade paint offers more job specific products so that you can use the best materials for the job and achieve even better results

So, the next time you want to purchase some paint for your home why not visit your local Leyland SDM and see what we can do for you?

For a professional job, choose a professional paint.