Amtech Mini Tube Pipe Cutter 3-22mm

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Amtech Mini Tube Pipe Cutter 3-22mm
Amtech Mini Tube Pipe Cutter 3-22mm
The Amtech Mini Pipe Cutter is perfect to use in confined spaces and gives you a clean rounded cut. Versatile for all different types of materials The Amtech Mini Tube Piper cuts through different materials, such as cutting cooper, brass, stainless and aluminum stainless-steel tube. Durable and resistant to corrosion and rust. The knurled feed screw gives easy control of cutting pressure for clean cuts. Cuts through cooper pipe cleanly, without tapering the end of the pipe. Gives a nice clean cut without you apply a huge physical exertion. The handle is designed to enable an operator to grasp the pipe in the cutter jaws
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Brand Am-Tech
Size 3-22mm