Unibond Super PVA Adhesive Sealer 2.5L

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Unibond Super PVA Adhesive Sealer 2.5L
Unibond Super PVA Adhesive Sealer 2.5L

Unibod Super PVA Adhesive is the ultimate Universal Bonding and priming aid. Used in the trade for more than 60 years as a general purpose adhesive that will bond many materials quickly, easily and safely. It can also be used as a primer in preparation for plastering.

Unibond Super PVA can provide excellent bond on materials such as carpet, wood, plaster, glass, fabrics, ceramics tiles, cardboard and paper provided that one of the surfaces to be bonded is porous. UniBond Super PVA is the only BBA accredited PVA in the market, meaning it has that quality seal of approval.

How to use: All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of any impurities prior to application. For priming, apply a mixture of 1 part PVA with 5 parts water. For plastering, filling and patching dilute 1 part water and 1 part PVA and use this to mix up the plaster instead of water. For dust-proofing concrete floors, prime the surface and allow to dry twice. Apply Unibond PVA with a brush, roller or a spreader. Unibond PVA will set in 60 minutes for handling and will fully cure after 24 hours.

More Information
Brand Unibond
Colour Clear
Volume 2.5L
  • High bond strength
  • Sets for handling in 30 minutes
  • Full strength after 24 hours
  • Can be used for bonding ceramic tiles, carpets, plaster, paper, glass, wood, chipboard, fabrics and more
  • Mixes 1 part PVA with 5 parts water
  • Size: 2.5L