Refresh your Home with Colour

Refresh your Home with Colour

Refresh your home with colour

If months at home have left you tired of your decor, why not breathe new life into your living space with some fresh colour?

There is no better or more cost-effective way to refresh your home than by switching up the colours. Whether it’s the lounge, the bedroom or the kitchen, you can completely change a room over a weekend with a bit of preparation and hard graft.

The most striking change you can make is to paint the walls. Pair that with some new soft furnishings and furniture and the room will be almost unrecognisable in no time, bringing an element of excitement.

Here are our top tips:

Do your research

Before you visit your local Leyland SDM store, have a bit of thinking time and consider how you want your room to look and feel. We have paint in thousands of different colours so you might find yourself bamboozled if you turn up with nothing more than a blank canvas.

Fortunately, getting ideas for colour schemes is easier than ever. Have a look at what other people are doing on social media and draw inspiration from the designs you like.

If you’re keen to stay on-trend, read our blog about what’s hot in 2021.

Make a statement

Statement walls have been popular for some time now and are a great way to make a big change with little investment.

This could be as simple as painting one wall a different colour from the other three. Usually, a contrasting or a bright colour works best to really make it stand out.

Alternatively, patterned wallpaper remains on-trend or create your own unique feature wall with geometric shapes using just masking tape. Find out how here.

Find out how to prepare your walls for painting here.


Why stop at the walls?

Painting the ceiling with colour is becoming more and more popular. This technique can make an otherwise uninspiring room suddenly more interesting.

Most people like to choose a shade within the room’s colour scheme. A slightly lighter shade to the walls can really open the room up and make it appear larger.


Change the cushions or introduce a rug

The beauty of cushions in the lounge is that they can be easily switched and changed depending on mood or season. Think of them as make-up for your sofa. Many people like darker colours in autumn and winter and bright shades in the warmer months.

A well-positioned rug can add extra interest to a room. Bright, colour patterns can be eye-catching while offering a warm, homely feel to space.

Switch up the blinds

If you’ve got Venetian blinds or wood slat blinds, have you ever considered changing their colour? With the right paint, it’s easier than you might think – and can look great.

Our in-store experts will be able to advise on the most suitable paint for the job.

Other pieces of furniture such as bookcases or chairs can also be given a new lease of life with a coat of paint.

Don’t be afraid to make a splash

Little splashes of colour around the room can make a big difference, particularly if your walls are a fairly neutral colour. A bright piece of art, a bunch of flowers or a vase can really stand-out against those calming walls.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Once you have completed your room makeover, why not share the fruits of your labour with us on Instagram?