Cold Chisel No Guard 6in x 1/2in

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Cold Chisel No Guard 6in x 1/2in
Cold Chisel No Guard 6in x 1/2in
Cold Chisels Forged and machined from premium, high carbon steel. Rough ground after forging, a second sharpening after heat-treating produces a high-performance cutting edge. Individual heat treatment allows the right balance of a hardened edge with a softer striking end. Cuts bolts, rods, and rivets clean off waste and slag and shape cast iron, steel, brass, bronze, copper, and aluminum. The Punch and Chisel Set has a dry-touch, rust-preventative coating. Used to cut and shape metals softer than the cutting edge of the chisel. Cutting edge angle designed to provide greater strength. Not intended to be used on masonry materials. Black oxide finishes for additional rust protection. Cold Chisels act to shape and cut cold metal only. These chisels are specially angled for strength and are available in a black oxide finish to deter rust. It might not be your profession, but it certainly is your passion
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Brand Ox
Length 6in
Width 1/2in