The Hottest Design Trends of 2021

The Hottest Design Trends of 2021

The hottest design trends of 2021

The pandemic has made us all reassess aspects of our lives, not least what our homes mean to us. After all, we’ve all spent a lot more time in them than usual.

This shift in mindset is reflected in the changing design trends for 2021, which include reassuring colours, traditionalism and décor which harps back to a time of tropical holidays.

Yellows and Greys

The interior design world always hangs on the announcement of Pantone’s Colour of the Year. We were in for a treat at the start of 2021 as the company announced not one, but two Colours of the Year, selecting grey and yellow to convey “a message of strength and hopefulness”.

Pantone 13-0647 is a warming yellow shade, “imbued with solar power”.

Pantone 17-5104, meanwhile, is Ultimate Grey and described as “solid and dependable”.

The two colours go well together and we’d expect them to play a big role in interior design in the coming 12 months.

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 Bringing a slice of the exotic to your home

After a year when a trip to a garden centre was often the highlight of a weekend, interiors inspired by distant shores are making a comeback. This can mean classic floral design with a contemporary edge and tropical colours, such a soft lemon. Large prints are also being used to bring a splash of Hawaiian colour to a room.

This style, coupled with some exotic-looking indoor plants, can help to bring the outside indoors.

 Enter Maximalism

The trend of minimalistic, all-white interiors might be finally coming to an end after a decade of dominance.

And when a fad ends, often the fashion switches completely 180 degrees. That’s what we’re expecting to see this year, with the rise of maximalism.

This trend sees people pack their living space with highly decorative and personal items. It’s about telling a story and giving visitors a glimpse into your personality. It can be mementos hanging on the wall or cabinets full of ornaments like your grandmother might have had.

It’s a bit of a Marmite trend and to many it might seem like clutter, but for others it’s a way to demonstrate individualism. 

Dark Hues

Designers are increasingly dipping their brushes into darker hues. Some psychologists have suggested that this is the result of the uncertain world we are living at present as people want to nest a bit more in a cosy environment but, also, it just looks stylish.

It’s a sophisticated and luxurious look that, when used correctly, can fill a room with a sense of drama. What’s more, it will make the smallest amount of colour, such as a bunch of well-positioned flowers, ‘pop’.

You just have to be a bit careful in getting the light right or your moody room might turn out a bit….well, depressing.


Global Influence

With global travel very much off the agenda, 2020 saw many turn to global styles for their décor – and that’s going to continue into the new year.

Many people are taking inspiration from countries such as Spain, India, Japan and France to add a touch of je ne sais quoi to a room.

Often this means earthy colour palettes and warm and natural textures. Wooden, woven and rattan home accessories are also making a welcomed comeback.


Green kitchens

Grey kitchens appear to be falling out of favour, with green quickly taking over as the Instagrammer’s choice of colour for cabinets, walls and tiles.

Like some other trends, it’s taking inspiration from the outdoors. It brings an organic feel to an important space in the home.

Sage green is a particular favourite with designers at the moment, paired with light wooden worktops.


Home office

It’s not a trend you would’ve seen coming, but a home office – or at least a space pretending to be a home office – is now essential for many people.

Neutral colours like whites, greys and browns are likely to create a more calming atmosphere and increase concentration, while a splash of green can encourage creativity.

Good lighting and imaginative storage are also important to create a suitable working environment. Read our tips for creating the perfect home office here.


Traditional and olde worlde feels

Antique and retro pieces of furniture will continue their resurgence this year. After all, good design is timeless.

Some designers are creating an interesting mix of styles by pairing classic oil paintings with modern features, such as decorative lighting.

Used right, classic furniture can inject some comfort and character into a room.


Geometric Shapes

Circles, ovals and crescents, triangles, squares and hexagons – geometric shapes are everywhere.

Using shapes in your interior design can add drama. Start by adding some simple shapes to your room and build it up, being careful not to overdo it.

An unusually shaped mirror, or cushions with sharp square patterns on them, can really stand out.


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